Sebastian Nurra

Civilization V: Gods & Kings – the official add-on

Gods & Kings, the official add-on for Civilization V, doesn’t bring too much change in the game play of the game, but it brings a couple of new elements for the strategy. The main new elements brought by Gods and Kings, and these are also the most important one of this pack, are: the reintroduction of religion and espionage. Plus, this pack comes also with nine new civilizations: Byzantium, Carthage, Ethiopia, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, the Celts, the Huns and the Mayans. But more about all these you will find out in this article - check new source. The reintroduction of religion bring to the game a new resource, Faith, besides gold, happiness and culture. In order to gather Faith points you will have to build temples and shrines which will allow you to choose a new pantheon. After that there will appear the possibility to found a new religion from the eleven available, each and every religion having available a number of secondary characteristics, called Beliefs. A nation can have up to five Beliefs, unique once elected – no other religion can reuse them, each of them has bonuses or resources, lands or structures, to spread in an effective way your faith using the missionaries and the great prophets. Obviously, the religion has an influence in the game on life, just like in real life can create alliance or destroy them. The second strong point of the game, espionage – unfortunately it hasn’t much impact as we expected. We don’t have spies on the map like in Total War, simply a screen from which you can send an agent in a rival city or a counter-espionage action. Thus, a spy can steal information, technology or arrange election to bring at power one more friendly union. However, these action don’t have a big impact, as the religion has that is taken into consideration when it comes to diplomatic choices. Spies also offer you occasional information about who is plotting against you, but details are not useful to prepare effective attack. Visually the game hasn’t changed a lot, the soundtrack doesn’t bring anything new and the multiplayer options will not attract you too much if you aren’t the type to wait patiently for the actions of others. Overall, Gods and Kings is a normal add-on, a natural addition even if a little late for a game that already has a couple of years on the market. But, in big lines this is a good game.